The comedy of last supper

The comedy of last supper

The play criticizes Iranian culture and society in  a comical  and absurd way. It is set around a dinner table where eight guests are gathered from different ages, classes and all stereotypical characters of the Iranian society. Through out the night the guests clash in terms of their interests and ideologies. Half way through dinner there is an unexpected and mysterious guest who later reveals his identity as “death”. This affects the relationships between the characters and with death and their challenge to solve this problem creates a comical and complex situation.


Sadaf Foroughi
Kiarash Anvari
Naghmeh Sharifi
Shahin Rabbani
Naeim Jebelli
Mehrnaz Mohammadi (Karan)
Mazyar Shahcheraghi
Tina Hosseini


Play: Farhad Ayish
Director: Naeim Jebelli
Assistant Director: Mahzad Sharif Ahmadian
Director’s consultant: Kiarash Anvari
Production Director: Pasha Javadi
3D artist: Sahar Homami
Graphic designer: Naghmeh Sharifi
Set and lighting design: Naeim Jebelli
Technical director: Catherine Sabourin
Photo and Video: Studio Fiusha